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  • Randi

A Fairytale Come True

So I had my wedding, and it was a fairytale come true. It was beautiful, intimate, and I finally married my Prince Charming. But after the wedding, I found myself rather sad. No more wedding planning? No more wedding gowns? What a downer.

But then, just a couple of months ago I had lunch with a friend and she told me about a great opportunity and wondered if I was interested in doing it with her. And that’s where my next fairytale came true. Modeling wedding gowns for a very chic bridal salon downtown!

So the past few months, we go to these bridal events, get all dressed up in wedding gowns and bridal attire, strut our stuff down the runway, eat cake and reception food samples, and relive some wonderful fairytale moments.

So if your fairy tale hasn’t come true, keep looking for it. Wonderful surprises can be found around many unlikely corners.


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