• Randi

A Fragile Beauty

Once there stood a delicate flower, Whose petals were soft and bright.

Harsh summers came and lingered on, But she remained grounded by might.

This fragile beauty concealed much, Forbidding others to draw too near.

Cautious of receiving an unwelcomed touch, Her heart remained shielded, yet sincere.

On and on she determined to grow, Regardless the hindrances of plenty.

Accepting joys she had yet to know, Earnestly hoping they left her not empty.

This flower was and always remains, A gentle creature, handled with care.

For with her loyalty much is gained, A tender devotion, soft and fair.

Don’t be deceived by the striking color, She is strong and capable no doubt.

Raising herself without the care of another, Understandings and principles formed devout.

If opportunity comes to see her up close, Try hard not to frighten her away.

This delicate flower has much to expose, Let not her affections be run astray.



#flower #poetry