• Randi

Autumn Brings Hearts That Sing

As autumn comes and summer goes, The warm air fades and the cool breeze blows.

Gazing out the window with anxious thoughts, Dreaming of an excitement more than we’ve got.

Seasons of change and memories shared, Exchanging sandals for boots in a scandalous affair.

Getting more in the spirit with each fallen leaf, Embracing our happiness and letting go of our grief.

Festive decorations and sweet scents galore, Senses running wild always left wanting more.

Cherishing every part that comes with this season, We live and we learn always seeking a reason.

Today I’d rather be anywhere but here, Yet resting in the hope of the joys I feel near.

Longing to be out and not stuck at a desk, One thought of hot tea and my mind does the rest.

Scarves and light jackets it’s all very nice, Pumpkins and banquets add just a little of spice.

There are many delights that this autumn season brings, Let us laugh and be glad that our hearts can now sing.



#autumn #poetry