• Randi

Flame & Mist

Gazing intently through the windows of her soul, Unclear which parts are broken and which are whole.

Seeming fierce as the sun’s blazing flames, Though vulnerable as a cloud all the same.

Penetrating life, unavoidable by might, Relentless as a flood, an inescapable plight.

Bottomless sorrow is the well in her gape, A boundless river never ceasing, her fate.

Feeble as morning mist without purpose in the sky, A response of the world’s coolness, it’s only reply.

Holding her breath, suspended in the air, Dispersed in fragments of hovering despair.

What lives amidst the fire down at the core? Can it survive the heat, the raging of war?

Buried in the depths of her turmoiled essence, A steady surging tide is increasingly present.

The blaze comes from within, hosting a glow, Unpredictable movements raging below.