• Randi

Journey From The Sky

It took courage for the raindrop to descend from its place in the clouds, Falling swiftly, gently, dodging obstacles and the pillar of disavow.

The course was set for this mere sputter of transcending wetness, Retreat now impossible, impending destiny never restless.

Beginning the departure, he was determined and stout, Yet the father he traveled, despite the crowd, bred doubt.

Bustling and blowing, the wind caused a great deal of trouble, Redirecting his route, still on he went, unyielding the muddle.

Darkness appear to lay ahead, and darkness lay behind, The passage was blurred and its composition unassigned.

With certainty above and mystery below, his going wasn’t a question, The ease of falling was natural, leaving was a harmonious secession.

Drawing nearer to the earth’s surface, images came clearer into focus, Our courageous raindrop now relished the transformation of hypnosis.

Like a pleasant dream of an orphan who finds a family, Or the rescuing of a maiden by unforeseen gallantry.

The sky isn’t the water’s destination no more than the earth’s ours, It cycles around, serving and restoring us like cool falling stars.

Finally, this oblonged crystal has fallen as far as it is meant to go, Colliding with the ground, releasing a whisper which none can know.

Then looking around, this drop of wetness no longer felt alone, Among the shimmering wave of water he became fully grown.