• Randi

Life’s a Soirée

This year my husband and I decided to do a joint birthday party, since we have all the same friends and our birthdays are only one month apart. The theme was a wine and cheese soirée, and it was surprisingly easy to plan for! I made my own banner (which took an unreasonable amount of time for such a simple task) and printed my own signs. I bought the beautiful green wine glasses at the Dollar Tree for $1 each, spray painted the bottom with black chalk board paint and wrote the guests’ names in chalk board marker. Those turned out surprisingly well, and doubled as nice party favors for our friends to take home! We went to Central Market (HEB) and bought a tons of wine, cheese, grapes, and other tasty snacks. I already had plenty of wine corks and candles for the table. I was kind of going for a Tuscan inspired feel. Easy as that!

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