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  • Randi

Making a House a Home

I have started decorating the new house, and am enjoying every minute of it. I found the perfect drapes for the living room; you know that awe-inspiring feeling when you find exactly what you had pictured in your head? But even that was a lucky chance. I had bought several panels of drapes last Saturday; got home, hung them, and hated them all. It was ‘tragic’.

But after church that following Sunday my husband and I stopped by Lowe’s (because that’s what you do at least once a week when you buy a new house, you go to Lowe’s), and we had the hair-brained idea to mosey down the drapery aisle (which I didn’t even know existed until that day). At the very end of the aisle were the perfect ones. On sale. Half off. Amazing! But … they didn’t have any in stock. Nor did they have any in stock at any of the surrounding locations. Bummer!

Well it’s been a week and I still have one short drape, but luckily it’s hidden behind the couch where no one can notice. (But I know! And it will be fixed!…) But I am very pleased with how they turned out in the space. Get this, they’re copper colored. Not a color I would have ever imagined me choosing, but it’s perfect. My Tuscan colors are coming along nicely. Also my old world pieces are fitting in to be right at home. Still waiting on some furniture to be delivered, but I have hopes that everything will come together.

My husband and I love to travel, so consequently I love maps. It’s a little different for someone my age, but I think it adds a complexity to our theme. I have yet to buy my armored knight, he’s still waiting for me at the antique store. But I already have his placed picked out in our entry way, and he will certainly be a conversation piece as guests are welcomed into our new home.

I never have been very good at multitasking, and my OCD tendencies prefer that I work to complete one project before moving on to another. So I have been putting all my thoughts and energies on the downstairs spaces and have yet to even touch the upstairs of the house. But then with my want for everything to be done, hating the lingering unfinished projects, I’m itching to move forward on the master bedroom. So much thought and energy go into decorating a new place, it’s exhausting really. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit back and relax until every space is “just so.” But I have many wonderful ideas for projects that lie ahead, don’t you worry.

My poor husband …


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