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  • Randi

Modern Mixes Old World

In the present season, my husband and I are looking to buy our first house. (Just saying those words alone brings a measure of weight and stress to mind.) But beyond that, I am having the hardest time deciding what type of design I really want in a house. A few things I will preface this story by sharing: I love interior design and I am a home-body (so the desired atmosphere is vital); and I am a bit on the OCD side so I’m a crazy planner and perfectionist (and rarely accept the idea of settling).

Moving further in the complications, I love two predominate styles: modern and old world. I love the clean fresh lines, soothing colors and spa-like feel of modern design. On the other hand, I also really love the warm, dark, cottage-like feel of the old world design. But to really be engrossed by the pleasures either design brings, you really need to pick one to get the full affect. Now in general I am a decisive person, but when it comes to two things I love, whether that be shoes or chocolate, modern or old world, I have to search for logic. Now moving the scale in a bit from those two extremes I have found that I also really like contemporary or transitional designs as well as Tuscan or Mediterranean designs, and luckily those two seem a little easier to mix.

Like most things in life, opposites attract. Right? Take my husband and I for example, we are the most polar opposites you ever have met. I’m refined and introverted, he’s rugged and extroverted. Yes we have common interests like our faith and our hobbies, but overall we are two completely different people. (Come to think of it, I would be old world and my husband would be modern.) Yet somehow we decided to get married and become one, and we complement each other very well, bringing a much needed balance. But can this truth be the same with my home design? Could I encompass two totally different styles and make them bring balance?

Part of my problem is that I have never seen it done, well at least. I’ve seen modern and I’ve seen old world, but not together in the same space. My fear is that the two extremes would just cancel each other out resulting in some eclectic mess!

So, if anyone has any helpful suggestions, please share.


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