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My Guide To Being A Grown Up

Photo credit: Ashley Noelle Photography

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.” (Virginia Woolf)

In two short weeks I will be turning twenty-seven. This number is not exciting, both because it is creeping farther away from twenty-five and yet closer to thirty. I have noticed a few things about my day-to-day life now, as a “real” adult, which were not there five or ten years ago. So I have compiled a short list of sad realities for your amusement.


1. Taking vitamins, regularly. I still hate them as much as I did those disgusting Flintstone ones we took as kids. But I have begrudgingly accepted the long term benefits. 2. Owning lint rollers. Yes plural. And actually using them. I still refuse to iron clothes, but at least I don’t have lent or dog hair on them. Some might say that is an improvement. 3. Hydrating with things other than coffee and wine. Although still two of my favorite liquids, I have found guzzling water and downing green tea shockingly adequate. 4. Walking away from an argument. Some battles are still worth fighting, but not all of them. For the majority, they are not worth the effort. Aint’ nobody got time for that. 5. Choosing sensible shoes. I love my stilettos, love never ends. But I guess I reached that age where comfort is equally important as style. Wedges and flats can be cute enough to compensate the sacrifice of elegance. 6. Tucking your shirt in. This one surprises me. Pencil skirts and certain pants sometimes look better this way, apparently. Though it is still terribly awkward. 7. Eating dinner at home. Long ago I said goodbye to fast food dinners, but now cooking at home means no waiting for a table or having to pay tip. (I need this money for #8 anyways.) 8. Facial waxing. Eye brows are a must – I certainly don’t have the time/patience to pluck. But I think God chose a special curse for women in the fall by making dark hairs grow in strange places they used to not. 9. Making your bed. Every morning. I don’t know where or when I developed the compulsive need for this, but it must be a sign of growing up. There are few things as soothing as crawling into a ready bed at night where the sheets are tucked in just right. 10. Just roll with it. Not every plan will go as wished. If life is one thing, it’s uncontrollable. This one is hard for me, but getting easier with practice. Hakuna matata.

In effort of full disclosure, let’s get some things straight. I still leave my laundry in the dryer for days. I kill every plant I’m responsible for watering (save my bamboo, which I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even real). I’ll fight my husband for the last cookie. I think my way is the best way, most of the time. And I wear pink like it’s a neutral. Basically, I still have a lot of growing up to do.

But I am in no rush, these things must happen naturally. Some day, if you’re lucky, you too might enjoy making your bed. Just maybe. Or perhaps…

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” (C.S. Lewis)


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