• Randi

Open Windows But No Doors

Sometimes there is great anticipation, And others merely apprehension;

One minute we bask in reflection, The next we’re drowning in tension.

Like a room of grey with many open windows, Is a well-tended home with no doors;

The dimensions of man are complex no doubt, Uncertainty and selfishness lie at the core.

Appearing most welcome and inviting, Yet only one can discern the truth;

Our own understandings are flawed, And our prejudices often uncouth.

Time proves yet again a loyal companion, Unveiling our eyes by removing the mask;

Discovering the line between deception and hope, Showing itself a most dreadful task.

If there is one thing that we know, It is the effort equals the reward;

But to surpass our own inconsistencies, We must seek motivation from the Lord.

Humility and forgiveness we are still learning, To seek the good of others above our own;

Though people are never what they may seem, We are each accountable for what we’ve sown.