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Rad Reds

My wine journey, if you can even call it that, started when I was twenty-one. I decided that since I was old enough to drink, it was wine for me. Because sophisticated people drink wine. Right? But despite the fact that I only had a taste for Moscato back then (which is a bit comical to me now), I was immediately drawn to the craft and culture of wine. Like myself, many wine novices are drawn to the lighter, sweeter styles. Yet through the years, I would try new things and reflect on the flavors and aspects that I enjoyed, building from there. Later, when I discovered how a well-paired wine and meal combination could create a culinary explosion, and it was all uphill from there.

A great red wine depends greatly on personal taste and flavor preferences. To choose the perfect wine for your palate, you should try out as many grape varietals as possible. Every palate is unique. So what I enjoy, you may not. I prefer reds (unless it's champagne). But what are the most notable differences between white and red wines? Stemming from the fermentation process, reds tend to have higher levels of tannins, alcohol, a heavier body, different flavor profile, and increased complexity.

Today, it's just about cabernet sauvignon all the way for me. I wanted this post to be about my favorite cabernets, but there are two blends that I couldn't leave out. I will preface this list by saying that I like a full-body red that pairs well with burgers or fajitas (I am from Texas after all) but has soft enough tannins that works well for sipping on the patio. So I want to share my favorite (budget) rad reds.

  1. Educated Guess ($24.99)

  2. Cooper & Thief Bourbon Cabernet ($24.99)

  3. Intrinsic Cabernet ($19.99)

  4. Conundrum Red Blend ($18.99)

  5. Gentleman's Collection Cabernet ($16.99)

  6. Barrel Bomb Red Blend ($15.99)

If you have a similar wine profile as myself, you've probably tried many, if not all, of these. But if you're looking for a new red to try, and feel intimidated by all the options at the store, give one of these six a try! I feel sure that you'll fall in love with these yummy rad reds.


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