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Random Ponderings

Because it is that time of year when schedules are busy and minds are frantic, I seem to be thinking in an irregular, random way but I had some thoughts I wanted to share. Try and follow along.

Joy in the Season

Always on the search for understanding, I began pondering WHY exactly I love the Christmas season so much. Yes I know there are hundreds of songs written, movies produced, and memories shared, but I encourage you to search out your OWN personal reason for finding joy in the season.

Here are my personal conclusions:  celebrating the birth of my loving Savior  spending time thinking of others and how I can show them my love  getting time off to spend with my husband and family  getting to decorate the house with festive décor and scents  there’s an excuse to shop  there’s lots of sweets and good food  the season has changed and I get to wear winter clothes  there’s a hope and joy in air  watching Christmas movies at home & listening to Christmas music on the radio

Tis’ the season to be jolly.

Itching to Go

Another thing I’ve been contemplating is my love for travelling. Every couple of months I get a serious itch to get away. I absolutely love to travel, and if I were rich, I would do it all the time. Being immersed in new places with new people, new languages and traditions, new sights and smells; it’s all very exciting. Travelling helps put things back into perspective, reminds me there is a big world out there to explore and adventures to be had.

The Caribbean sounds nice.

What makes a great blog?

Lately I seem to be reading a lot of blogs and I have discovered two things. First, there are a lot of talented people out there who seem to have interesting things to share. Second, maintaining a great blog takes a lot of time, energy, and consistency.

To address the first, I find the blogs with useful and original material to be the most entertaining. Blogs that primarily quote other blogs (or for lack of better words “steal” their ideas), get a bit annoying. For example, I found a link to a blog with a picture of a recipe I wanted to try. But soon found out all the author shares is pictures of things they like, but you have to click a link to go to the original blog to find actual recipe or DIY instructions, ect. (Come on people, write your own material.)

Also, really great blogs seem to have really great pictures, which they took themselves. They don’t “google” other people’s images and attach them to their posts. Blogs are fascinating because they incorporate several parts of the brain, not only must you read the material but you get useful pictures and helpful insight that adds to the author’s message. (But maybe this bothers me because I really appreciate good photo journalism.)

In Conclusion

Why are you joyful this season? Where would you like to take a vacation to? What’s a great blog you’ve read lately?


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