• Randi

Shineless Silver

Weary of the same old things,

Repeating moments that shouldn’t cling.

The morning’s sun is warm and bright,

But the afternoon’s glare a preemptive knife.

Evening comes with a suffocating air,

Tiresome and predictable, a dull love affair.

Frozen momentum born from indifference,

Masked by the veil of holy remembrance.

A soul longing for intensity and fervor,

Quickly extinguished by a shineless silver.

The body present but the mind escaped,

Familiar features taking distorted shape.

An unavoidable aching to wander, to vacate,

An impenetrable defense forcing to abate.

But what if life could be much grander,

Feelings luxurious with vigorous candor?

Perhaps like a dream that you never awake,

A breathtaking vehemence you never forsake?

Though sojourning in a dry and weary land,

Yet endlessly seeking a mirage unplanned.