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Stilettos to Aristotle's Favorite Five

Because low maintenance doesn't have to mean no maintenance, I want to share my five favorite beauty products that have been essentials to my mostly-stay-at-home-mom life (and quarantine life). These five products that take less than five minutes to apply keep me feeling fresh around the house but ready to go if I have to run to the store, without the time or hassle of a full-face.

So here they are, in order of application:

This heavenly skin-boosting balm imparts an instant glow with pearl particles and a burst of hydration and long-term skin-improving benefits help energize a tired, dull complexion to bring back its natural radiance.

I usually try a sample of a product at this price point before purchasing, and I instantly fell in love with this one. It's light, has a soft scent, and gives your skin that effortless after-facial glow.

I'll confess that I thought "color correcting" cosmetics were serious overkill, or for special occasions only. Until I started using one and realized what a simple, but noticeable difference it makes. This palette has four concealers and two corrector shades to match any skin tone. I like that you can custom blend your own shade, depending on what your face needs that day. Even skin tone is the foundation for beautiful skin.

We all have blemishes and imperfections. My persistent nemesis is my under-eye area, those genetic dark circles. This full coverage, oil-free concealer blurs, conceals, and smooths imperfections with a soft-focus effect. It builds weightlessly and lasts effortlessly. There can a noticeable difference in drug store and higher-end cosmetics, and this concealer is worth the splurge!

Because everyone needs a little definition. This lightweight powder bronzer has a soft, matte finish—your secret to achieving a sun-kissed look year-round (or just when you want to warm up sallow skin). I use this for light contouring (around jawline, cheekbones, nose, and hair line) but also as an eye shadow. After using a color corrector to remove unwanted tones, this bronzer adds the wanted color back, in all the right ways.

This is hands-down the coolest brow pencil I've ever used. It might be a little steep in price on the front end, but the refill cartridges are less than half the price! This refillable eyebrow pencil defines and refines arches with hair-by-hair precision. I've used drug store brow pencils for years, but there is a remarkable difference in quality here. This product goes on smoother and easier, lasts longer, and the shades are more natural.

I apply these five base products first thing in the morning, it takes no time. It's like an instant zombie-eliminator. And then later, if I need to apply more products or mascara, they're easy to build on.

But maybe your budget doesn't allow for one or all of these. That's okay, I've got you. Here are my favorite five drugstore alternatives.


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