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Stilettos to Aristotle’s Third Birthday!

February 23rd marked Stilettos to Aristotle’s third birthday. Honestly it seems like it should be more like six, but so is the way of life. I first began writing this blog for myself, a sort-of electronic diary (made public for God knows what reason?). Yet I suppose the purpose is still the same, and I find myself filled with a mixture of thoughts and feelings when reading over some of the things I wrote one, two, and even three years past. Some posts I read and think, “Gosh, Randi, you are so ridiculous.” While there are others laced with beautiful truths I was learning and could benefit from being reminded.

“A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.” (Christian Louboutin)

This is my one hundred and thirtieth post. I have received a whopping two hundred likes and forty-two comments. Stilettos to Aristotle has somehow managed to attract readers from eleven countries and has been viewed over twelve and a half thousand times! I have seventy-five wonderful followers (which is about seventy-four more than I expected!). Comparatively, those figures are probably rather low, but I am truly flattered. So thank you readers, for entertaining my random antics and giving me someone to write for.

“We must first roughly sketch the good and later fill in the details; anyone is capable of articulating what has once been well outlined. The beginning is thought to be more than half of the whole.” (Aristotle)

Three years down the road and I am still helplessly trying to find my, “niche.” It just so happens that it is apparently more difficult than it should be because I’m only moderately interested in too wide a variety of topics. (Yet again, so is the way of my life.)

So here is to shoes and philosophy, two things that my love for is ever-evolving and never-failing.


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