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That Dirty Little Word

I’ve always eaten what I want, when I want. That is until it all started “catching up with me.” When I was young, all of my older friends and relatives would say, “One day, you won’t be able to eat like that Randi,” and I dismissed their warnings in humble disbelief.

But now I’m almost convinced these people were putting some kind of curse on me! Because what do you know? One day, I realized I had become more of a “full-figured” woman, than a petit young girl. The worst part of it is, I developed an uncanny lack of discipline when it comes to food,; and although I don’t eat a whole lot at one time, I seldom eat the right things.

Some people have a “sweet tooth,” well I have a whole mouth full of “sweet teeth”! I love sugar: chocolate, pastries, and desserts of all kinds! And I’m not fond of vegetables, though fruits I can better tolerate (because there’s SUGAR of course!). I don’t like salad, and I love bread. I can much sooner go on a “Carb Only” diet than a “No Carb” one.

But that brings me to my next topic, that dirty little word, diet. I have always hated the word, even when I didn’t need it. I grew up thinking it was something insecure women did in vain attempt to make them feel better about themselves. Truth is, they were right.

You see, as certain areas of my body “filled out” (more commonly in areas I wished they wouldn’t), I developed a devotion to fitness. I despised the thought of becoming one of those who cannot help themselves; I believed wholeheartedly that if I wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked, then I should work to change it.

So faithfully, I joined a gym and committed myself to hours of cardio and weights. I felt better, I slept better, my attitudes were better. But somehow the scale was no better, and although I felt a little less “jiggly” I wasn’t really seeing the results I had hoped. For years this has gone on: I get very determined and focused at the gym, only to be discouraged by the lack of significant results. Round and round this cycle goes.

The infuriating part is I know what my problem is: that dirty little word, diet. But now I believe I have a much more mature understanding of the word. Dieting doesn’t have to be negative; it’s simply a way of living. Dieting, not in the form of a “fad diet”, but in the form of a lifestyle change, is a very positive concept.

As I have shared in previous posts, I am quite the picky eater. The list of things I don’t like probably outweighs the list of ones I do. Making healthier choices must be a conscious effort, not easily swayed by the temptations of chocolate. I believe that for me, moderation is imperative. Creating a diet that you can live with long term, not just one that will help you drop pounds fast, will turn out more fruitful in the long run. Portion control and eating more meals at home has also proven to be beneficial.

So next time you get frustrated because your clothes aren’t fitting right or you’re discouraged with the way you feel, don’t give up! Be the change you want to see. Fight for the results you hope for. Remember that dirty little word isn’t so dirty, it’s actually kind of sweet.


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