• Randi

The Unusual Girl

Since my early youth, I knew I was not the same,

Neither normal nor willing to chase a fly in the rain.

Though the indifference remained unnoticed by most,

Being wise yet unusual was nothing to boast.

Challenging my mind to see what others could not,

The Fruit and the Bread were all that I sought.

Through my veil I see a world most dark and grey,

But a glimmer of something lies just out at bay.

My tastes and preferences are oddly enough,

Yet I found a companion able to call my bluff.

A dreamer with visions just beyond reach,

A practical realist conflicts what I teach.

Black or white not lukewarm in the least,

Like a struggling glutton hosting a grand feast.

The smell and aroma of truth makes me melt,

The most conflicting sensation I ever have felt.

As a person I make not the least bit of sense,

The concept is intriguing yet causing a wince.

I fantasize of being remembered after I’m gone,

Like those I admire and now think upon.

To leave a mark that transforms the future,

I must pursue a life that contains great adventure.

But the reality of this world places a damper,

On my glimmer of hope like a tentless camper.

Until my death, I know I shall forever remain,

Neither ordinary nor common to accept any disdain.

(Copyright reserved. Original work of authorship.)