• Randi

The Way Things Are

Chicago 2011

I wish sometimes things were other than they are, Complicated and often painful, certainly not ideal;

I wish these things were not close but instead very far, Yet the truth of the matter is unfortunate and surreal.

It is ironic how wonderful things have the potential to be, If only there didn’t come a night at the end of every day;

I find joy and happiness as far as the eye can see, But in the shadows lie a sadness, not so far away.

Yet for every person I have loved, and heartache they have caused, There is a friend who has come along to help me stand strong;

For the numbing feeling of frustration has gone away or been lost, When a faithful companion comes to try and right others’ wrong.

But still I wish that some things could be other than they are, If I could choose a script different than that which I have got;

Then maybe rosy cheeks would replace this ugly scar, And I could be merry, not gloomy with distraught.

Sometimes I wish I could sail away, just me and my love, To unexplored and unfamiliar lands, writing a new story;

But someone else is composing my tale from way up above, Bringing me out from the ground, up from ashes into glory.

Chicago 2011



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