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  • Randi

Unqualified Food Critic

Recently I resolved that I would make an excellent food critic. What with my very opinionated tastes and keen eye for criticizing flaws, what else would I need? Oh, that’s right, an appetite for a wide array of food.

Let’s just say that my preferences are limited. I am not fond of many vegetables, only the “normal” ones really, like corn, potatoes, and most beans for instance. Save the leafy salads, crunchy asparagus, and squishy tomatoes for someone else. (The list of healthy veggies I despise far outweigh the list of ones I love.)

In addition to those limitations, I am not particularly keen on “strange” items such as uncooked fish or irregular meats, like sushi or quail. Preferably, all things should be cooked, and let’s stick to crusted tilapia and roasted chicken.

The last flaw on my critic resume would be that I am also not a cook. I don’t mind cooking, but my husband is the real chef. And my idea of cooking does not constitute everything being made from scratch. In my opinion, cake from a box is just as good as cake from scratch. The only difference is people get the right to boast in their accomplishment, and the extra time it took them to prepare it. Granted, it’s something to appreciate, it’s just not the way I would do it.

And now that I’ve shared all the reasons I am unqualified to share my food critiques with you, here’s the reason I resolved that I am: my opinions are unbiased and the few things I know, I know them well. Also, I am just an average person, not overanalyzing the hows but focusing on the whats. To share with other foodies the basic consensus of a restaurant based on the experience of one who loves dining out, and appreciates the success of food well prepared.

Beyond that, I believe I am rather diverse. Thai food is one of my favorites; I inhale the spicy aromas and flavorful entrees. Italian is also a dependable love; olive oil dipped bread, delectable cheeses, tender pasta, and a nice red wine. The things I enjoy, I enjoy deeply. The complexities and innumerable assortments make food exceedingly pleasurable.

So let’s add food critic to my list of aspirations; along with archeologist, writer, anthropologist, event planner, and travel coordinator. DFW followers, listen in, I may be sharing some “critiques” on local restaurants.


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