• Randi

Unwelcomed Friend

Monday, oh Monday, you’re here yet again.

It’s not that I don’t like you; you’ll always be a friend.

But why must you race my weekend so far away,

Constantly leaving Friday all alone at bay?

Just one week I’d like for you to go,

On vacation somewhere nice and low.

Make some friends and find a new hobby,

Drink some tea and play cards in the lobby.

Us working folk, we need a break, from the daily demands of life;

A glimpse of peace and restful days must always be kept in sight.

Yet tirelessly you continue to tick, as faithful as a clock;

Dependable and true as the grayness of a rock.

I must admit, as your friend, the truth I will convey;

We would all be happier if you were more like your sister, Sunday.

So let’s try and not overstay our welcome once again;

Pay your visit today, and then go visit some other friend.



#friend #Monday #poetry