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The Freedom To Choose

“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could do for themselves.” (Abraham Lincoln)

Finally I’ve been inspired to write! For the past many weeks, I had wanted to write, but had nothing worth writing about. I guess you could say that my passion and creativity had been preoccupied. But today a decision was made that affects all Americans.

“WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday left standing the basic provisions of the health care overhaul, ruling that the government may use its taxation powers to push people to buy health insurance.” (New York Times)

But before I get into the specifics of this new law, I want to share some background on where I’m coming from. Growing up, my family never went to the doctor, we “toughed it out.” And I’m pretty sure that we never had health care. Within the last week my husband has had to go to the Emergency Room and today we are taking him to a specialist. This misfortune is costing us thousands. But my husband doesn’t have health insurance, so that is our choice.

But that “choice” was made not completely of our own – health insurance these days have ridiculous monthly premiums, and for how seldom my husband visits the doctor (once every several years) it has not been “economical” for us. Of course we would like the luxury of having insurance in event that some misfortune occurred (like this past week), but to me security is just that, a luxury.

Now let me be quite clear, I do not approve of government mandated healthcare. My problem is with the monopoly that insurance companies have been given. In my own personal opinion and limited experience, I believe the system has serious flaws and take advantage of most Americans, on a monthly basis. I don’t mind paying for insurance, I just don’t want it to cost as much as my taxes! In reference to this new law, most fundamentally, I want to have the freedom to choose whether or not I have health care and I don’t want to be taxed because we disagree.

“The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld nearly all of President Obama’s health care overhaul, in a landmark ruling that will have sweeping consequences for the economy, the election and America’s health care system.” (Fox News)

There are waves of different opinions on this topic and I am not here to tell you what to think. But I am quite honestly astonished that this law actually passed. My doctor, whom I respect tremendously, has been vocal on this subject:

“Poor Medicare patients will be cut. Household costs will be raised and small business will be affected. We will see unemployment rise because small business cannot afford to be forced to provide health insurance for employees. And guess who wins again? The insurance companies who will be glad to take your money. And forget about access to your doctor. Under socialism, you will see the Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner all of the time. You will not really see a doctor until it’s an emergent situation. The long term consequences to Americans are so unfathomable, we will be in an economic squaller because of more taxes! So, the middle class working folks will be forced to have insurance or else you will be fined by being taxed and your taxes will be increased again to cover the twenty more million people that the Feds will now let qualify for Medicaide. Basic Health Care Coverage is exactly what it says. Don’t count on getting much. Very similar to the current Medicare system that will not allow our older citizens to see their doctor every year. They can only see us every other year, cannot get mammograms or a well woman exam every year. If my Medicare patients want to come and see me every year, they have to pay for it out of pocket!”

So in my search for further wisdom and enlightenment, I chose our former President, Abraham Lincoln, as my guide. Now Lincoln may have been the first to come to mind because this issue imposes on my freedom and Lincoln fought valiantly against slavery; or it could be because this past weekend I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which I do not recommend seeing). But either way, here are some thoughts to ponder:

“You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence.”

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

“I believe that every individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way interferes with any other men’s rights.”

“To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men.”

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

“We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot.”

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

My urge is this: do your research, determine how this affects you, and take a stance. Many believe this law is unconstitutional under the commerce clause. Do you? Though some believe this will benefit our nation. Do you? After all, it is election year. Let your voice be heard.

“In addition to its political reverberations, this decision allows sweeping policy changes affecting one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the economy, touching nearly everyone from the cradle to the grave. The political fight over health care remains far from over, with Republicans campaigning on a promise to repeal the law, which they see as an unaffordable infringement on the rights of individuals. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has promised to undo it if elected.” (New York Times)


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